Growing Up: Crawling!

Growing Up: Crawling!

💕Hello Keziah
Time has flown by, just the other day we brought you home from the hospital all wrinkly and pale and today I can’t believe you’re already crawling.
You are such a happy, friendly and curious baby girl. Always smiling when you wake turning everyone’s bad morning to a happy one(I hope that never changes because mommy is definitely not a morning person you 💯% get that from your dad and Uncle)
Your friendliness is captivating and you warm all our hearts 💕 up when you’re around them.
Your curiosity has gotten you hurt and bruised a few times already mainly because you think you 7months going on 1year trying to stand and walk you have gotten a few knocks on the head😂 and you scared the crap out of me.

You’re crawling now dragging your one leg along 😂 . So I decided to put on shoes for you because you tend to crawl better with them on but that doesn’t seem to last long because your curiosity gets the better of you and then you pull it of, kick if off🙈 or put it in your mouth!



On top of ONLY crawling for a month now, you’re also standing and trying to walk. You are quiet strong on your feet and use anything and everything possible at your disposal to try and pick yourself up. But the trying to walk without support is an epic fail 😂 you end up falling but don’t worry baby you still get an A for effort 😉.





My first blog post

My first blog post

My first post wow!!! And So it all begins with having Kéziah.
  • Mixed emotions √

  • Fear √

  • Distressed √

  • Happiness √√

  • Blessing √√√

So it all begins with a recent check up that Kéziah had. While sitting in the doctor’s room and listening to the pediatrician reminiscing about how time flies and how his kids are getting big and how he has forgotten half the things his kids did when they were babies the songs they sang, the games they played, their first words blah blah……. As he was going on and on I had a light bulb moment ting!!!!
I decided with the help from a friend scarlet piper to create Kéziah’s diary so that she will be thoroughly embarrassed at her 21st birthday with all the things she said or did growing up. On the real though it’s the memories, awkward moments and the growing pains that should never be forgotten ……… thus Kéziah’s diary was born 🤔

Meet Kéziah the 6 month old going on 8 months


You can also look forward to the occasional DIY project, because I’m crafty and creative that way. We will be doing fashion check-ins for a bit of entertainment too… I think this would help us remember fashion trends and re-ignite them one day when we are either broke (as usual) or bored of the current fashion sense 😉
So the journey begins…………